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        2. Welcome to visit Ruijiu Electrical   
          Yancheng Ruijiu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
          315MHZ frequency V crystal oscillator

          Supply Taiwan TELECRANE remote control crystal, V-frequency oscillator, 315MHz frequency band of 80 channels:
          CH000 T000 R000
          CH001 T001 R001
          CH002 T002 R002
          CH003 T003 R003
          CH004 T004 R004
          CH005 T005 R005
          CH006 T006 R006
          CH007 T007 R007
          CH008 T008 R008
          CH009 T009 R009
          CH010 T010 R010
          CH011 T011 R011
          CH012 T012 R012
          CH013 T013 R013
          CH014 T014 R014
          CH015 T015 R015
          CH016 T016 R016
          CH017 T017 R017
          CH018 T018 R018
          CH019 T019 R019
          CH020 T020 R020
          CH021 T021 R021
          CH022 T022 R022
          CH023 T023 R023
          CH024 T024 R024
          CH025 T025 R025
          CH026 T026 R026
          CH027 T027 R027
          CH028 T028 R028
          CH029 T029 R029
          CH030 T030 R030
          CH031 T031 R031
          CH032 T032 R032
          CH033 T033 R033
          CH034 T034 R034
          CH035 T035 R035
          CH036 T036 R036
          CH037 T037 R037
          CH038 T038 R038
          CH039 T039 R039
          CH040 T040 R040
          CH041 T041 R041
          CH042 T042 R042
          CH043 T043 R043
          CH044 T044 R044
          CH045 T045 R045
          CH046 T046 R046
          CH047 T047 R047
          CH048 T048 R048
          CH049 T049 R049
          CH050 T050 R050
          CH051 T051 R051
          CH052 T052 R052
          CH053 T053 R053
          CH054 T054 R054
          CH055 T055 R055
          CH056 T056 R056
          CH057 T057 R057
          CH058 T058 R058
          CH059 T059 R059
          CH060 T060 R060
          CH061 T061 R061
          CH062 T062 R062
          CH063 T063 R063
          CH064 T064 R064
          CH065 T065 R065
          CH066 T066 R066
          CH067 T067 R067
          CH068 T068 R068
          CH069 T069 R069
          CH070 T070 R070
          CH071 T071 R071
          CH072 T072 R072
          CH073 T073 R073
          CH074 T074 R074
          CH075 T075 R075
          CH076 T076 R076
          CH077 T077 R077
          CH078 T078 R078
          CH079 T079 R079
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