What is podcasting?

Podcasting was created by former MTV VJ Adam Curry and programmer Dave Winer. The term ‘podcast’ describes the technology used to distribute audio content from websites to consumers. These audio files are called RSS files (Really Simple Syndication). Podcasting works the same way as a standard RSS feed reader or news aggregator (collector) works.

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The difference is that the feed you subscribe to contains an audio file.

Instead of reading these files in your RSS reader or aggregator, you can listen to the contents of your feed using a reader or aggregator that supports podcasting, or you can listen to them on an iPod or any other mp3 player.

What makes podcasting special is that it allows individuals like you to publish podcasts, radio shows, sermons, concerts, or anything you think interested listeners would subscribe to. Your listeners can automatically receive updates, downloads, etc., without having to visit a specific site and download them from there. Pretty cool, huh?!

Our goal at podcasterworld.com is to create awareness for both consumers and publishers about the possibilities of podcasting. Just think, now you can be your own DJ and have your own radio show with your own listeners. Plan and schedule events with multiple friends, share audio experiences, promote yourself and/or your business. At podcasterworld.com, not only do we make our own podcasts, we offer a variety of ways for you to create your own too. On our site, youÕll find podcasts from around the world as well as from your own backyard.

As a listener, podcasts offer you the freedom to hear what you want to hear when you want to hear it, accompanied by a diversity unavailable in any other media. Simply subscribe to your favorite podcast feed.

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